Leftover App Gets Reminder Update

Leftovers App Gets Reminder Update

Push notifications now available to alert when food needs to be eaten
Article | Wed, 11/23/2011 - 11:03 | By Christopher Weishaar

AMES, Iowa — A new tool — the recently updated “4-Day Throw Away” leftovers app — is available for families looking for an extra line of defense to protect themselves from bad leftovers. The app is available for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices.

The “4-Day Throw Away” leftovers app launched last spring and offered an easy-to-use resource to look up hundreds of individual food items, along with storage recommendations, reheating instructions, special considerations and related foodborne illnesses.

The new version of the app, available for download now in the App Store, adds a reminder feature that uses a device’s push notifications to alert users when it is time to use or throw away a particular food item.

Users of the app can set reminders from within a food description, or by using the reminders tab. Reminders can be set for any number of days and hours in the future, so users can match the guidelines for each food type in the app, or set reminders that work best for their daily lives. A note section lets users add extra detail to a reminder.

Many consumers don’t realize how quickly food leftovers can become unsafe or spoil. The app, along with the whole 4-Day Throw Away campaign, is not only informing consumers about food leftovers, but helping them to practice safe leftover usage and food storage in their homes. For more information about the campaign, visit the website or Facebook page, or view videos on YouTube starring the giant, red #4 mascot.

About 4-Day Throw Away

The 4-Day Throw Away campaign, which features the #4 as its mascot, is educating consumers about the dangers of foodborne illnesses and the four-day guideline for eating, freezing or throwing away leftovers. It is funded by a United States Department of Agriculture grant and is a partnership between Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

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