Katie Peterson

Region 11 Youth Program Specialist

Amber Matthiesen

Jackson County Families & 4-H Youth Program Development Specialist

Youth, 4-H, and Families

Jeannett Kruse

Office Manager

Katie Bopes

4-H County Youth Coordinator

Carolyn Clark

Youth Program Assistant

Cindy Baumgartner

Human Sciences Specialist Nutrition and Wellness
(563) 927-4201 (office) (563) 608-0868 (cell)

Education focused on healthy choices, food safety,
workforce wellness, and food preservation. 

Greg Brenneman

Field Specialists - Agricultural Engineering

Livestock facilities including manure handling, ventilation and layout, farmstead layout, farm buildings, energy conservation, drainage, soil conservation practices, conservation tillage, no-till, ground water and surface water quality, private water supplies, water treatment, private wastewater treatment systems, grain drying and storage.

Ryan Drollette

Field Specialists - Farm Management
(319) 337-2145

Farm Management, Dairy Economics, Livestock Economics, Marketing, Risk Management, Decision Tools, Farm Leasing  

Paul Mariman

Regional Extension Education Director

Coordinates programs and partnerships in Region 11 (Delaware, Dubuque and Jackson counties)


Patrick O'Malley

Field Specialists - Commercial Horticulture

commercial fruits and vegetables. Secondary areas of expertise: ornamental horticulture including greenhouse and nursery crops, and turfgrass

Virgil Schmitt

Field Specialist

Production of corn, soybeans, small grains, and forages and the management of diseases, insects, and weeds that affect these crops

Denise Schwab

Beef Field Specialist

Production information related to nutrition, facilities, health, records analysis, and pasture and forage management for beef and sheep producers. Individual consultation on improving productivity in livestock operations.

Mark Storlie

Swine Field Specialist

Swine production management – production pig flow, breeding and farrowing schedules, principles and application of PQA; initiating and utilizing production and financial records for management – marketing, cost control; analysis of nutritional feeding programs; alternative housing options – hoop buildings; mortality composting; contracting considerations – production & marketing; development & communication with employees – production handbooks; development of computer templates for management control or awareness; support of value-added production and marketing systems – organic, sustainable production, direct marketing.

Susan Taylor

Family Finance Specialist
(563) 583-6496

Financial Management for individuals and families including spending plans, budgeting for your needs, consumer decision-making, dealing with credit and debt, and planning for your future - savings, insurance, and retirement.

Family LIfe - Parenting Education, Stress Management, Adult and Child Development, Aging, Family Communications

Larry Tranel

Dairy Field Specialist

Production, nutrition and farm management education in dairy and beef; Dairy milk quality and mastitis prevention; Trouble shooting livestock problems; New and Remodeled freestall/parlor and other livestock facility planning; Utilization of forages; Management intensive grazing; and farm family labor/personnel management.

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