What is Connect Meeting?

Connect is a web conferencing application, which can facilitate communication and collaboration. Acrobat Connect offers audio, video, and text chat. It allows hosts and presenters to upload documents, including PowerPoint presentations, share files, and share applications open on your desktop. Connect provides whiteboard, polling, and note capability. Connect meetings can also be recorded for someone else to review later.

What do I need to use Connect Meeting?

A broadband Internet connection Windows 2000/XP or Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher (for presenters) Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; Mozilla Firefox, Safari (for presenters and participants) Macromedia Flash Player 6.0.79 or higher

You may also need a microphone for VoIP meetings, telephone connection for phone conferencing meetings, and a camera for meetings where video is shared.

For more information, see requirements.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a computer (see requirements), a broadband internet connection. Depending on the type of meeting, you may also need a telephone, a microphone, and a web camera. Many Connect meetings will use an integrated audio feature which allows users to connect via telephone for the audio portion of the meeting. This can allow greater interactivity and flexibility for participants.

Do I need an account?

You do not need an account to attend any Connect meeting. You also don’t need an account to schedule or participate in a facilitated meeting with integrated teleconferencing or in a facilitated meeting with VOIP. If you want to organize, schedule and conduct your own VOIP meetings, you will need to get a Connect account.

How do I schedule a meeting?

You can schedule a Connect meeting by contacting Extension IT. We can be reached at extensionwcc@iastate.edu. You can also call the toll-free 800 number at 1-800-478-0057.

What kinds of meetings can I schedule?

The Web Conferencing center offers three kinds of meetings:

  • Facilitated meetings with integrated phone conferencing services. EIT staff will facilitate these meetings ensuring materials are loaded, the meeting space is prepared and participants are able to join the meeting. An integrated phone conferencing service via Premiere Global will be used for the audio component of these meetings. This is the preferred model for large interactive meetings or for meetings where the participants do not have reliable VOIP equipment.
  • Facilitated VOIP meetings. EIT staff will facilitate these meetings ensuring materials are loaded, the meeting space is prepared and participants are able to join the meeting. These meetings are appropriate for smaller groups where each individual participant has reliable VOIP equipment and sustained broadband network bandwidth greater than 350Kbits per second both uplink and downlink.
  • Self-managed VOIP meetings. Teams are responsible for creating, initiating and managing all aspects of these meetings. Self-managed meetings require the meeting host to have a Connect account.

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice over IP or audio carried through the Internet. Connect allows you to either use audio via Voice over IP or through an integrated teleconference. The VOIP option works best for smaller groups where individual participants have reliable equipment and high level sustainable broadband connections. Where participants capabilities and connections are unknown, integrated teleconference will generally allow more flexibility.

Can I record a meeting for those who can’t attend?

Connect meetings can be recorded. If you are participating in a facilitated integrated phone or VOIP meeting, you should let the facilitator know you want to record the meeting before beginning the meeting. The recording will be stored on the server and a URL to access the recording will be sent to the meeting organizer after the meeting. The meeting organizer will publicize the information to the other people involved in the discussion.

How do I tell my attendees where the meeting is?

Once you have scheduled your meeting, you will receive a URL specifically for that meeting. You can send an email message to those you are inviting to participate in the meeting and include the URL in that message. In addition, it is possible to have a recurring ‘meeting room’ for regularly scheduled meetings. Although you will still need to schedule and confirm each meeting, the URL for the meetings will not change from meeting to meeting.

It’s asking me to login, what is my username and password?

To attend a Connect event you don't need to login. Simply go to the URL that was provided for your event and click on "Enter As a Guest." Type in your name when prompted and you will enter the meeting room.

How do I mute my phone?

This can be done in several different ways depending on your hardware. Many new phones have a mute future that simply mutes the microphone on the phone itself. This is probably the most convenient way to mute your phone. If your phone does not support this feature, then you must mute your microphone in Connect itself. Find your name in the attendees list box and click on "My Status." This should open a drop-down menu where you should find an option to mute your phone. To talk again, simply open up this menu and unmute your phone.

What resources can I use in Connect?

Adobe Connect offers a great deal of flexibility when delivering a presentation. Many different types of content can be shared either individually or simultaneously. The different types of media include PowerPoint slides, Adobe Flash Video, interactive Flash content, FlashPaper (very similar to PDF), Adobe Captivate simulations, pre-recorded Adobe presentations, video and audio from any number of presenters, audio files (.mp3), and even the presenters computer screen or specific application window. Files can also be transferred through the Connect interface.

What kind of camera do I need?

All that is needed is a camera that can connect to a computer and can be used for capturing video. The most common device is a digital video device that connects via USB or firewire. This can be anything from a $20 webcam to a $2,000 DVR Camcorder. As long as the computer can recognize the device and can capture video from it, it can be used in Connect.

How do I upload a presentation?

Media is very easy to upload. Simply click on the share button in the share pod. This will open a menu that asks what you'd like to share. You can share your screen, a file on the Connect server or your local machine, or create a new whiteboard for use with a stylus. You can share many different types of files in the Share Pod. The other way to upload media is to simply send it to one of the facilitators who will upload it for you.

Why can’t anyone hear me?

There are several possible causes for this and the reasons vary depending on the type of meeting:

  • Integrated Phone Audio: Check to make sure that the phone microphone isn't muted. Check your name in the attendees list and see if your connection has been muted in Connect. If muted, you will see a speaker with a cross through it next to your name. If your audio is not muted then the icon next to your name should change to audio waves when you speak. If this doesn't happen then there might be a connection problem between your phone and the Connect server. If you are the only person in the meeting who is having audio difficulties then you should contact your local telecommunications technician and confirm that the phones in your building are functional. If others in the meeting are having audio difficulty, then there might be an issue with the Connect server and a facilitator is probably working on the problem.
  • VOIP: Check to make sure the microphone is properly recognized and configured for the computer, which may mean installing drivers. You can run the "Audio Setup Wizard" in Connect by dropping down the "Meeting" menu. If prompted, you should allow Flash access to your audio and video. Run through the instructions provided by the wizard. If the wizard does not detect audio from your microphone then you may need to restart your machine or reconfigure your audio settings. If the wizard does detect audio from your microphone, yet no one else in the Connect can hear you, contact a facilitator for further assistance.