Creating Connect Meeting Rooms

This class was offered during the Spring of 2007.

This class will familiarize you with pods, layouts and templates as they relate to Connect meeting rooms. Learn what they do, how to create them and how to manage them for maximum effectiveness.

  • New meeting wizard
  • Layouts
    • Default
    • Editing
    • Adding
    • Renaming
    • Moving
    • Deleting 
  • Pods (chat, poll, attendee list, note, file share) Note: the share pod and camera & voice pod are NOT covered in this class – they are covered in a different class. 
    • Show 
    • Hide
    • Move
    • Resize
    • Organize
    • Rename
    • Delete
  • Templates
    • Default
    • Creating (& what’s preserved)
    • Using own
    • Convert a meeting room to a template
  • Reuse meeting rooms