Effectively Using Content in Connect

This was a face-to-face class in Spring  2007

Take advantage of Connect’s ability to share rich media content. Learn how to best prepare, load, share and manage content. Content can include PowerPoint slides, digital video, Flash Paper, and Flash simulations. Interact and collaborate using application sharing, screen sharing and integrated tools like the whiteboard or whiteboard overlay.

  • Preparing
    • Acceptable formats
    • Best practices
  • Loading
    • Through share pod
    • In content library
  • Sharing
    • Computer screen (full screen mode)
    • Document
    • Whiteboard/whiteboard overlay (new, clearing)
    • Presentations (sidebar and toolbar)
  • Managing content in your account
    • View a list of uploaded content
    • Moving uploaded content
    • Deleting uploaded content
    • Download content
  • Meeting recordings
    • Editing information
    • Archiving
    • Deleting
  • Shared content space