Broadcasting Audio and Video in Connect Meetings

This class was offered in the Spring of 2007

Broadcasting your audio and video in Connect meetings should be easy, right? It is! Learn how you as a host or presenter, can control audio and video to maximize the quality of broadcasts. What do you do when things don’t go right? We’ll practice troubleshooting strategies too!

  • Voice over IP
    • Equipment
    • Audio tuning wizard
    • Best practices
    • Troubleshooting poor audio (solve real scenarios)
    • Controlling your broadcast
    • One speaker/multiple speakers
  • Audio Conferencing
    • Joining (dialing in/conferencing in)
    • Icons in attendee list pod
    • Muting/unmuting
    • Best practices
  • Video
    • Equipment
    • Settings on voice and camera pod
    • One video/multiple videos
    • Best practices