Managing People and the Live Connect Meeting Room Environment

This was a face-to-face class in Spring 2007.  

Just like face to face meetings, you are in charge of logistics for people, things and the meeting flow in an online environment. Learn how to manage the Connect environment for a positive experience.

  • Opening and closing the room
    • Meeting on hold (message)
    • Blocking participants (message)
    • Ending the meeting (message)
  • Managing Attendees
    • What to send participants prior to a meeting
    • Attendee list pod
    • Status (viewing, clearing)
    • Connection status
    • View or change an attendee’s role
      • Roles and permissions
      • Enhanced participants rights
  • Bandwidth and performance (connection speeds, latency speeds)
  • Record a meeting
  • Presenter Only area
  • Q & A Pod (moderated chat)
  • Share control of your screen
  • Hosting a local gathering of people to view a live Connect broadcast
    • Computer
    • Projector
    • Speakers for audio