Connect: The 30 Minute Meeting

To Register, contact Robin Brekke via email at or by phone at 515.294.8658

This class is for people who understand the Connect environment and want practice hosting a meeting. During class you (either by yourself or with a partner) will present for 30 minutes. This is a run through (perhaps a mini-version) of a real meeting you will eventually host once you leave the training classroom.
Prerequisite Classes:

  • Creating Connect Meeting Rooms
  • Broadcasting Audio and Video in Connect Meetings
  • Effectively Using Content in Connect
  • Managing People and the Live Connect Meeting Room Environment
If you have already been actively hosting meetings, you may be eligible to “pass out” of a prerequisite class. Contact Robin Brekke.
Before you arrive to class you will:

  • Have taken the prerequisite classes
  • Signed up for a time slot by contacting Robin Brekke
  • Create the meeting space
  • Create invitations to participants
  • Script the meeting; create and rename layouts as needed
  • Upload all content materials

During your 30 minute meeting, you will: 

  • describe the meeting you will host and your pre-meeting preparations (10 minutes)
  • with real guests logged in, manage the content, manage the room and conduct (and record) your online meeting/session (10 minutes)
  • receive feedback from other participants (10 minutes)

During class you will also:

  • Participate in and provide constructive criticism for someone else’s 30 minute meeting

To enroll, contact Robin Brekke