Archived Online Training Sessions (Held Via Connect)

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Using Breeze Meeting

Breeze Meetings: Getting Started
This session will provide an overview of various roles in Breeze Meeting (host, presenter & participant), system requirements, equipment needed, and accounts on the Breeze server.   Session not recorded

1-2-3: Steps to Hold a Breeze Meeting
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Download the handout; "To Hold a Breeze Meeting"
This session walks you through what it takes to hold a Breeze meeting. You will be provided with a practical, step-by-step handout, describing what to do before, during and after a meeting.

Comparing VoIP and AudioConferencing in Breeze Meeting
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This session will compare the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and (telephone) audioconferencing within a Breeze Meeting. Topics include: VoIP or audio conferencing - deciding which one to use; equipment needed; 'how to"; cost and meeting etiquette/best practices.

An Introduction to Breeze Meeting Room Pods 
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This session will provide a tour of all pods available in Breeze Meeting, an overview of their purpose and ideas for implementing them for more effective events. For specific "how to" instructions, please register for "Learn More About Breeze Meeting Room Pods" and "Learn EVEN MORE About Breeze Meeting Room Pods".

Customizing Breeze Meeting Room Layouts and Working With Pods
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This session will demonstrate how presenters can use multiple layouts for various meeting room needs. Using a variety of pods will help you to customize layouts. Also learn how to manage layouts and pods.

Learn More About Using Breeze Meeting Room Pods
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In this session learn why and how to use the following Breeze Meeting room pods as a meeting host and/or presenter: camera & voice, attendee list, content (uploading content, content types, & screen sharing). Also learn about pod management.

Learn EVEN MORE About Using Breeze Meeting Room Pods
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In this session learn why and how to use the following Breeze Meeting room pods as a meeting host and/or presenter: whiteboard, file share, note and poll. Also learn about pod management.

The Advanced Breeze Meeting Presenter
Session not recorded
This session is for Breeze Meeting hosts/presenters who want to move up to the next level of presenting functionality. Learn about the the Q&A pod, "presenter only" area, preparing mode and recording meetings.

Breeze Meeting: Best Practices From Power Users
Session not recorded
There are many people who use Breeze Meeting on a regular basis for both small and large scale events. Hear about lessons learned and best practices from several 'power users' you may already know.

Extension Examples of How Breeze Meeting is Being Used
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Hear case studies of how Breeze Meeting is being implemented by your colleagues. Learn "do's and don'ts', "how-to" and "why" from their experiences.

Staying Current with General Information Technology Topics

Sharing Calendars in Outlook 2003
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Download the handout: "Sharing Calendars in Outlook 2003"
This session will demonstrate how calendars in Outlook can be shared with others at IA State using Outlook. By sharing calendars - scheduling events, activities and meetings becomes easier and more efficient. This session will cover how to: check current settings, set permissions to share your calendar and how to access a calendar that's been shared with you. 

Internet Safety
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This session will explain what you can do to increase safety levels as an Internet user. Learn tips to manage passwords, SPAM, viruses, spyware and phishing in your computer environment.

Resources in Outlook 2003
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Want to keep an electronic calendar for a room or an object in your office? Learn how to use Outlook's online calendaring feature to schedule "resources". Learn what a resource is, types of resources available throught the system, how to create a resource and how to schedule a resource.

Overview of Office 2007
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What could possibly be new about Word, Excel or Outlook? Lots! Take a look at what’s new or different in this overview of Office 2007.

Introduction to Windows Vista
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What is Vista? Why do I care? Learn these answers and more at this demo-intensive introduction to the recently released Windows Vista.