Windows 7 Setup Instructions


[NOTE: Before you begin, get a computer name for this computer.  Contact eit at or via the hotline at 515-294-1725]

1. Boot from the Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise DVD.  Insert the DVD into the DVD drive and reboot your computer.  Press F12 (or another key--will be specified on the computer).  Select CD/DVD from the menu.  Press any key to boot.

2. Select the Operating System you want to install: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit (if you see two listed, select the first).  Click Next.

3. Choose where to install Windows 7.  At 'Where do you want to install Windows?' highlight the disk partition and click 'Drive options (advanced)'.  Select the 'Format' option.  All data on the drive will be permanently deleted.  Choose 'OK' only if this is a new computer or if you have backed up your data.  When the Format is complete select 'Next' to continue.

4. Wait while Windows 7 is installed.

5. Enter a computer name (you will need to get this from Extension IT at or 515-294-1725 before you begin the install process.  Or, if this is a reinstall on an existing computer, note the computer name before you begin).  Select 'Next'.

6. When completed, the computer will reboot.
7. Run Windows Update (Start...All programs...Windows Update)
8. NetReg your computer.  Select Start...Internet Explorer.  You should go to the NetReg page automatically (or, you can type in for the URL).  Complete the registration process using your Net-ID and password and restart when finished.  If you have a laptop make sure you netreg both the wired and wireless connections.

9. Set your administrator passphrase.  Press Ctrl-Alt-Del. Select 'Change a password'.  Leave 'Old Password' blank.  Enter your new passphrase twice.  Press Enter.

10. Join the domain.  Select Start...Control Panel...System and Security...System.  Under 'Comptuer name, domain, and workgroup settings,' click on 'Change settings'.  Under the 'Computer Name' tab, select 'Change'.  Click on the 'Domain' radio button.  Enter ''  in the box below 'Domain'.  Click OK.  Enter your Net-ID and password when prompted.  Click 'OK' when you see the 'Welcome tot he domain' window, click 'OK'.  When you see 'You must restart your computer to apply these changes', select 'Restart Now'.