Windows Vista Installation

Installing Windows Vista is a straightforward process that takes 30-90 minutes depending on the speed of your computer. Additional time is required to install software and printers, etc. If installing Vista on a new computer please proceed. If reinstalling Vista on an existing computer you must back up all data you wish to keep and have reinstallation media for any applications you intend to install. Be aware not all hardware and software is compatible with Windows Vista.  Before you begin, make sure your hardware meets these minimum requirements.

Before beginning the installation process you must obtain a computer account name from Extension IT Support. This information is required during setup. Call 515.294.1725 or mail in advance of your Vista installation. If reinstalling Vista on an existing computer you may reuse your existing name; contact Extension IT Support for assistance.

Step 1: Boot from DVD

Locate the Windows Vista Enterprise with SP1 DVD sent to your office*. (Order a replacement if needed.) Insert the DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and reboot the computer. When prompted, press any key to boot from the DVD. You may need to force your computer to boot from DVD by pressing F12 or another key while it is starting up, then choosing CD/DVD from the boot menu.

Step 2: Choose where to install Windows

At the 'Where do you want to install Windows?' screen highlight the disk partition and click 'Drive options (advanced)'. Select the 'Format' option. All data on the drive will be permanently deleted. Choose 'OK' only if you have backed up your data or this is a new computer. When the format has completed select 'Next' to continue.

Step 3: Wait while Windows Vista is installed

Windows Vista will now begin to install. This is the longest portion of the setup process and your computer will restart several times. Please be patient.

Step 4: Enter a computer name

When prompted for a computer name enter the workstation name provided to you by Extension IT, such as 'office-wsXX'. Select 'Next'.

Step 5: Start Windows Vista

Windows Vista setup is now complete. Select the 'Start' button to continue.

Step 6: Allow Windows Update to complete

Immediately after startup Windows Vista will open the Welcome Center, shown below, and begin downloading and installing Windows updates. Please allow this to complete before continuing. Restart when update installation is finished.

Windows Vista Welcome Center

Windows Vista begins downloading updates immediately after installation. Double-click to view progress.

Select 'Restart Now' when update installation is complete.

Step 7: NetReg your computer

In order to use the ISU network your computer must be registered. Select Start, Internet Explorer; you will be taken to NetReg automatically. Complete the registration process using your Net-ID and password and restart when finished. Upon restart Windows Vista will prompt for a location for the '' network--choose 'Work'. (If reinstalling an existing computer that is already registered; please confirm web sites are accessible and continue to the next step.)

Step 8: Set administrator passphrase

Press Ctrl Alt Del and select the 'Change a password...' option. Leave 'Old password' blank, enter a new passphrase (twice) and press enter.

Step 9: Join the domain

In order to log on using your net-id, receive automatic Windows and VirusScan updates, access network file shares and receive support from Extension IT your computer must be joined to the Iowa State University '' domain.

Select Start, Control Panel, System and Maintenance, System. Under the 'Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings' heading select 'Change settings'.

On the 'Computer Name' tab select the 'Change...' button. Choose the 'Domain:' radio option and enter '', select OK.

Enter your Net-ID and password when prompted, select 'OK'. At the 'Welcome to the domain.' prompt select 'OK'. At the 'You must restart your computer to apply these changes' prompt select 'OK'. Select 'Close' to exit the System Properties window. At the 'You must restart your computer to apply these changes' prompt select 'Restart Now' to restart your computer.

Step 10: Log on using your Net-ID to install software and set up printers

After restarting you will see the new Windows Vista 'Press CTRL  ALT  DELETE to log on' screen. Press Ctrl Alt Del, enter your Net-ID and password to log on. You may now install software, set up printers and perform any other configuration tasks. You do not need to log on as administrator to do these things--Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) will prompt you for administrative credentials any time you attempt to perform a privileged action.

Need help?

For assistance at any time during the Windows Vista isntallation process please contact the Extension IT Support Hotline staff at 515.294.1725 or

*You may find that you have two Windows Vista Enterprise DVDs in your office.  You will want to use the Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise with SP1 DVD (sent in the March 14, 2008 transmittal), not the Windows Vista Enterprise DVD (sent in the April 13, 2007 transmittal).  You may discard the older DVD.