Support Standards

Extension Information Technology provides hardware and software support for all Extension computers that meet minimum requirements. Machines that fall outside these standards are generally more difficult to support and have more frequent problems. If your computer does not meet these requirements EIT will assist you with bringing the machine into compliance through software or procedural changes, hardware upgrade or hardware replacement.


  • Processor (CPU): Dual-core 64-bit 3.0GHz or higher for desktops; Dual-core 64-bit 2.0GHz or higher for laptops
  • Memory (RAM): 4GB or higher for both desktops and laptops


  • Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
  • AntiVirus: Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection

NOTE: Windows 7 is currently the preferred operating system. If your computer meets the minimum standards and can handle Windows 7, our recommendation is that you upgrade.  Upgrading requires a clean install, so be prepared to backup your data and format the hard drive.


  • Domain membership: Computer must be joined to the '' Active Directory domain
  • Receive updates: Computer must be running on the network at least one day per month to receive Windows and antivirus updates, as well as to avoid NetReg expiration

Other Support Notes

  • EIT no longer supports Dell Latitude D630's and below or Dell Optiplex GX755's and below, or equivalent machines from other manufacturers. These machines are well out of warranty, cannot effectively support most newer software and are not cost-effective to upgrade. For continued productivity you should purchase a new computer.
  • If your computer does not meet these standards but continues to work well for you there may be no immediate need to upgrade. However you should understand that EIT will not be able to support your computer and if it were to develop a serious problem you may be without a computer until you can purchase a replacement.