Installing Software

Most software requires administrative privileges to install correctly. You are responsible for your own Administrator account password. If you have forgotten or lost your password please review our administrator password FAQ.

Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Software installation on Windows 7 and Windows Vista is greatly simplified over previous versions of Windows thanks to user account control (UAC). Simply launch the installation while logged on normally. When administrative credentials are required UAC will prompt you to provide them.

Windows XP

To install software on Windows XP, log on to the computer with the local Administrator account, making sure to select 'Log on to: COMPUTERNAME (this computer)' instead of 'IASTATE'. (The administrator of this specific computer, not the administrator of Iowa State.) Run the installation routine and either reboot (if prompted) or log off Administrator. Log on with your Net-ID, making sure to select 'Log on to: IASTATE'.