Majordomo Configuration Tips

The Majordomo list processor offers many configuration options. While the configuration file includes comments that describe each setting, configuring a new Majordomo list can be a daunting task. Below are suggested values that differ from defaults.

maxlength - The maximum size of a message in bytes. The default value of 40000, about 40KB, prohibits all but the smallest of attachments. If your audience is internal or on a fast network you may wish to increase this value. Keep in mind that attachments are not an ideal way to share files with a large group of people; file shares, web pages and File Scatter are more appropriate.
    maxlength =400000

reply_to - The address to which replies are directed. The default value is undefined, which replies to the mailing list address. Unless the list is for broad discussion you probably want to change this to $SENDER, which replies to the individual who sent the message to the list. You can also specify a specific address here if you want all replies to go to a single address regardless of who sent the original message.
    reply_to =$SENDER

subject_prefix - Text prepended to the subject of every message sent to the list. Useful to quickly distinguish messages sent to the list versus messages directly to individuals. Also easy to filter on, but does make subject lines longer.
    subject_prefix =[$LIST]

subscribe_policy - Defines how or if people can subscribe themselves to the list. Recommended values are open+confirm or closed. The former allows anyone to subscribe by authenticating their subscription requests; no list owner action is needed. The latter requires owner approval for all subscriptions.
    subscribe_policy =open+confirm

taboo_headers - Matches email headers and bounces messages that match. Particularly useful at ISU to filter out spam before it gets to list members. For 30% or higher use three X's.
    taboo_headers << END 


unsubscribe_policy - Defines how or if people can unsubscribe themselves from the list. Recommended values are open or closed. The former allows anyone to unsubscribe themselves. The latter requires owner approval for all unsubscriptions.
    unsubscribe_policy =open

who_access - Defines whether users can retrieve the membership of the list. For privacy set this to closed.
    who_access =closed