Leaving Your Position

When leaving your position with Extension, either for another department or for work outside the university, there are several tasks you should complete to protect your personal privacy and to ensure a smooth transition for new staff entering your position.

Ensure business data is accessible by other staff
Copy relevant documents and other files from your personal profile (Documents and Desktop folders for example) to an appropriate location such as your office file share (S: drive). It may also be appropriate to document the location of this data as well as documenting the location of other data you want staff to be aware of.

Remove personal data from all locations
While Extension computers should not be used for personal matters, occasional incidental use is normal. To protect your privacy be sure to remove any personal files both from your computer and the office file share (S: drive).
Revoke your access
Send email to HR (pospisil@iastate.edu) requesting that your access to Extension resources be revoked. You may request that this happen on a specific date if appropriate. Alternatively, your supervisor can do this after your last day at work.

Delete your local profile
To clean up remnants of your account from a workstation, including documents and settings, favorites, desktop items, Exchange (Outlook) mailbox cache, etc, you should delete your local profile. Reboot the computer and log on with the administrator account. Open the System Control Panel. Select Advanced system settings and choose the User Profiles Settings button. Highlight your user profile and select Delete.

Share your administrator password
For guaranteed business continuity ensure someone in your office knows the local administrator account password to your workstation. That person should set a new administrator password.

Suspend your account (optional)
Net-IDs are not removed immediately after staff leave the organization. A predefined suspension and expiration process keeps accounts active for up to a year, initially as fully active and later suspended and able to forward email only. However, accounts will not have access to Extension resources during this time. You or your supervisor may request that your account be suspended immediately (overnight) rather than waiting for the regular process. Supervisors should contact the IT Services Solution Center; departing staff must physically appear at the Solution Center in Durham 195 on the ISU campus.

Reinstall your computer (optional)
For maximum privacy--and as a courtesy to your replacement--you should consider reinstalling your computer. This will completely wipe the hard drive of all data and programs and install a fresh copy of Windows. You may begin this process on your last day and leave the final setup steps for other office staff to complete, but be sure to let them know where you left off. Windows 7 installation instructions are available.

Field specialists (in addition to the items listed above)
Return your laptop computer, peripherals, cables and all software disks and manuals to Extension IT in Ames. The computer will be wiped and reloaded before it is redistributed.

Additional information
For assistance performing any of these tasks please contact the Extension IT Support Hotline at 515-294-1725.