iPhone Setup with Exchange

To activate your iPhone, you will need to setup an iTunes account if you don't already have one.

To sync your iPhone with Exchange (so that you will have access to email, contacts, calendar):

  1. From the Home screen, select Settings
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Select Add Account
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange
  5. For email address, type: netid@iastate.edu (replace netid with your email address)
  6. For Domain, type: iastate.edu
  7. For Username, enter your netid (without @iastate.edu)
  8. For Password, enter your email password
  9. Click Next
  10. For Server Address, type: outlook.office365.com
  11. Click Next
  12. Select the items you want to synchronize.
  13. Click Save.
NOTE: Any contacts or calendar items you've saved directly on your iPhone will be removed when the phone synchronizes with Exchange.

You can find additional information on settings and removing Exchange, onIT Services website.