Accessing Exchange Outside the ISU Network

A typical Exchange environment assumes all clients are part of a protected network. At ISU that includes both the campus network and Extension field offices. Outlook will not communicate with Exchange beyond these network locations (e.g., from home or while traveling) without some additional work. There are three options to access your email and related Exchange data outside the ISU network:

Outlook Web Access

Available from any web browser, Outlook Web Access (OWA) aims to provide essential access to your data from any computer. Not all features are available in OWA, but no special configuration is required. Just visit the site at

Outlook and VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure connection between your computer and ISU. While connected your computer is logically part of the ISU network and can access all the same resources as if it were physically there. This includes file shares and other services as well as Exchange. VPN setup instructions are availabe. Once connected launch Outlook normally.

Outlook Connecting Over HTTP

Outlook can be specially configured to send Exchange communication through a secure proxy. Configured this way VPN is not required. An important side effect of this configuration, however, is that Outlook will prompt for your username and password every time you launch it, even when connected to the ISU network.
  1. Within Outlook select Tools, Account Settings
  2. Highlight your Exchange account, click Change
  3. Select the More Settings button
  4. Select the Connection tab
  5. Check Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP
  6. Click Exchange Proxy Settings
  7. Enter
  8. Check both On fast networks... and On slow networks...
  9. Under Proxy authentication settings select Basic authentication
  10. Select OK twice, Next and Finish
  11. Restart Outlook as instructed

When starting Outlook you must enter your username and password each time. Enter your username in the form ''.