EIT Management

Deb Coates
Extension Information Technology Manager
Support, Weblogs, Social Networking

Instructional Development Coordinator

Eric M. Neitzke
Instructional Development Coordinator | Online Course Coordinator
Online Course Development

Web Conferencing

Program Coordinator
Content Management

IT Specialist

Systems Analyst
Web Development, Web Design, Accessibility
Michael Mauton
Systems Analyst
Support, Customer Service
Steven Netcott
Systems Support Specialist II
Administrative Support, 2nd Line Hotline Support, Customer Service
Systems Analyst
Network Operations
Brian Webster
Systems Support Specialist IV
Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, System Administration

Network Specialist

Scott Saunders
System Support Specialist/Network Field Specialist
Extension Field Network Operations, Remote Office Computing Support

Support Staff

Student Employee
Windows and Mac Support
Student Employee
Windows Support and Troubleshooting
Bonnie Le Page
Student Employee
Web Development, Web Design
Student Employee
Windows & Printer IT Support
Student Employee
Windows & Customer Service
Student Employee
Customer Service, Hotline
Dee Weiss
EIT Secretary
Customer Service, Receive in repairs and distribute new computers