Ordering New Computers

EIT has preconfigured systems that meet and exceed the minimum support requirements. You can view specifics of each system and order online using our order formThe order form can NOT be used if puchasing with State Funds^^.  These systems are updated monthly.

FYI: There is no longer a Group Purchase at any time during the year.  Dell now gives ISU discounts throughout the year and the monthly quotes on the order form reflect those discounts.

Please note: Some staff have noticed a price increase on our recommended computer quotes. This is due to a substantial increase in system memory (RAM) and processor (CPU) power. These upgrades will ensure high productivity throughout your computer's estimated 4 to 5-year lifetime.

^^ If you are ordering with
State Funds
please complete the following steps:
1. Print out a copy of the configuration you wish to order from the order form. (Do NOT place an order on the form!)
2. Fill out a TechCyte charge form. http://www.ubs.iastate.edu/ubs_forms/ubs_charge_form.pdf
3. Fax charge form and config sheet to TechCyte. 294-3702^^