Calendar of Events Frequently Asked Questions

Q.:   I've always been able to enter events, add attendance and now  I can't!
A:    Have you switched computers or updated your browser software lately? If yes, then you will need to obtain a staff cookie again.  Get a new staff cookie.

Q.    I had an event last night and I can't record attendance for it.
A.    Was the event entered as a multi-session event? If yes, then you can't record attendance until all the sessions have occurred. After the last session, you will be able to record one number that is the total for all sessions.  This number should reflect how many people attend the series; not the compiled numbers of each meeting in the series individually.

Q.      I've been entering events as multi-session because I'm holding the event more than once and don't wans to re-enter information, but I want individual attendance for each session.  How can I do that?
A.    If you want to record individual attendance for each session, you will need to enter each session as a new event.  The "Copy" feature will help you. 

Q.    How do I sign up for an In-Service?
A.    You wil need to e-mail the person listed as the contact person for the In-service. There is not an automatic feature for sign-up. 

Q.    What plan (or plan of work) number should I use?
A.    Plan numbers correspond to the Program Area's Plan of Work numbers. Any questions about what number an event should be reported under should go to the appropriate program director. 

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