ISU Extension's Calendar of Events

Why Should I Use the Calendar of Events?

  • Staff and clients have one place to look for Extension sponsored meetings.
  • Web calendar reaches more people (over 28,000page views for May  2007 with 1902 unique users)
  • Local County CMS web pages pull in your events automatically.
  • Assists in program planning by seeing what days will have target audience conflicts.
  • Required by Extension Administration so that ISUE can accurately report meeting contacts.

What to Place on the Calendar

The ISU Extension Calendar committee has reviewed the suggested policy statement below determining what events should or should not be placed on the calendar.

Calendar instructions state that "Posting is required of all Extension sponsored or co-sponsored events."

Sponsored events are any public meeting that Extension is fully sponsoring and responsible for (eg: pesticide applicator training). Co-sponsored events are any public meeting that involves Extension in sponsorship or teaching (eg: nutrition specialist presenting at a conference sponsored by the Department of Public Health or co-sponsoring a conference with a non-Extension presenter). Before posting events not sponsored but which include teaching by Extension staff, please get prior approval of the sponsor.

  • For the purpose of the calendar, any event at which Extension staff facilitates is considered teaching, however, being the chair or member of a committee or board is NOT teaching.
  • When posting events that involve more than one Extension staff, only the contact person's name should be listed; not every person involved.

What Not to Place on the Calendar

  • Chairing or attending a meeting (eg: as member of a state board or other committee)
  • Posting of County Extension offices closings


Who Has the Responsibility of Reporting on the Calendar?

If it is a county program, then the CEED is responsible for reporting. If it is initiated and organized by the Field Specialist, then the Field Specialist carries the responsibility. If it is a campus initiated program, then campus is responsible. If more than one person is working on the program, please make sure a decision is made and agreed upon as to who is going to put it on the calendar. You might designate this responsibility at the same time you plan who will write the news release, who will make the facility arrangements, who will bring refreshments, etc.

Accessing Staff Calendar Features

To view the staff menu, get a "staff cookie" by accessing the URL and then logging in.

You can also access the link to the calendar from the "ForStaff" web page. From Extension's homepage, select ForStaff » Calendar »  Staff Cookie. The next time you access the calendar you will see selections that allow you to add events and record attendance. If you change computers, you will need to obtain the staff cookie again to add events, record attendance, or view in-services. Please do not do this on public access terminals.

Subcategories are available for all program areas for ease of use to our staff and our clients.

Adding, Deleting, Editing and Recording Attendance for an Event or In-Service

Adding an Event/In-Service
Deleting an Event/In-Service
Editing an Event/In-Service
Recording Attendance for an Event/In-Service 

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information 

If you have further questions about what to put on the Calendar of Events, please contact the ISU Extension Calendar committee via email at or your program or area director. The members of the committee as of October 2000 are:

Mark Settle (Committee Chair), External Relations
Brian Webster, Computer Unit
Chuck Morris, Youth & 4-H Director
Virgil Schmit, Field Specialist in East Central Iowa
Mary Schrandt-Prouty, Northeast Area Director

If you have problems entering information into the calendar, please contact ISU Extension's IT hotline at 515-294-1725 or via email at