File Sharing

In addition to email, telephone and face to face, file sharing is central to knowledge exchange among staff. Extension IT provides no-cost file shares on the ISU campus for each field office and campus department. Each office "shared drive" is automatically mapped to letter S on staff computers for ease of access. Some offices also have personal space for each user mapped to letter F.

For offices with special or increased needs a local file sharing service is also available for a yearly fee. This makes great sense for large or high-use field offices, and will dramatically improve file sharing speed for any field office, as the file server will be located locally rather than at ISU over the wide area network. Extension IT will provide, support and maintain a file server in your office, providing 100+GB  of storage. Additionally, this data will be replicated to the ISU campus periodically to facilitate disaster recovery.

The fee to defray the cost of equipment, staff setup and maintenance time and ongoing support is $1350 per year. For additional information or for a consultation regarding your needs please contact Darin Dugan.