Distance Education and Delivering Online Programs

Extension Information Technology provides a variety of technical services in support of Iowa State University distance education courses and conference events.  

We assist customers in the selection of the most appropriate technology for program delivery and collaborative events.   We assist in the coordination, testing and operation of events.   Estimates are provided on a per event basis since most events vary in terms of technology and support requirements.

The Iowa Communications Network (ICN) is a statewide fiber optic network with over 700 sites.  These sites include Regents Universities, Community Colleges, AEA's, Libraries, High Schools, Hospitals and Armories. 
IP (Internet) and ISDN (Telephone) based videoconferencing is used to connect groups in classrooms, conference rooms and at the desktop.  We partner with the Internet2 Commons to coordinate videoconference meetings across the world.  

Web Conferencing
Adobe Connect is used to offer high quality web conference services.   This is an excellent tool for classes, conference presentations and group meetings.  Adobe Connect allows the sharing of very high quality graphics presentations.   Telephone conferencing and voice over IP (VoIP) communications can be integrated into Adobe Connect web conferencing.   Events can be recorded and re-broadcast immediately following the presentation.

Course Capture, Content Conversion and Streaming
Extension IT provides support in the capture, conversion and delivery of educational content.  We provide support services in the use of Tablet PC's for the mark-up and delivery of content and use Anystream Apreso, an automated lecture recording and streaming system to deliver content to distance education students.

Instructor and Student Support
We have a dedicated educational technology team that supports the needs of instructors and students.  We partner with all ISU departments and institutions outside of ISU to support the mission of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Please contact Dustin Hiatt, icn@iastate.edu, 515.294.9428.