What to Do with all those Photos?

If you are like many counties, you have photos of events that happen in your area and you'd like to put them on the web site. Currently the Photo Gallery Option in the CMS is not fantastic and you have a 5mg upload limit per file for the CMS site.  Here's a solution that may work for you.

What you need:
1.  PowerPoint 2003 or 2007
2.  Adobe Acrobat (version 7.0 or higher) with PowerPoint 2003 or have the add on for PDF to Office 2007.
3.  Your photos

I've created an example PDF file of 19 slides (1 title plus 18 photos).  Original PowerPoint Photo Album size was 39.1MB, when the file was converted to PDF it condensed down to 2.26MB (under the 5mg upload limit).  I used PhotoAlbum without captions and a beveled frame.

Remembering the 5mg upload limit per file, approximately 40 digital photos can be added to each PowerPoint file, here's how:
  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Select File-New (for 2007 select Insert -- Photo Album -- New Photo Album)
  3. On the right column you should see Photo Album as an option, select Photo Album. (ignore this step in 2007).  The rest of the instructions are the same for 2003 or 2007 versions of PowerPoint.
  4. On the Pop-up Screen (Album Content), select the correct option (are the photos on your hard drive or still on the camera). Photo Album screen
  5. Select the photos you want and then select Insert.  (Time to bring the photos into the album will depend on how many you select - remember to stay under the 5mg upload limit you should only have approximately 40 photos per Photo Album).
  6. Once the screen shows a list of pictures in the box in the middle of the screen (Pictures in Album box), use the up and down arrows below the box to move the photos into order (if needed).
  7. Under the section entitled, Album Layout, switch from the default (Fit to Slide) to 1 picture.
  8. If you wish, you can also select Frame Shape from the options listed.
  9. After selecting the picture layout to 1 picture, you have an optional step to select the Picture Option of "Caption below ALL pictures".  By selecting this option the system will put in the name of your photo as the caption. Captions can be changed after the files are loaded.
  10. Once you are done selecting the picture layout, caption option, and frame shape, select "Create" and your photo album will be created.
  11. You can now go into the title slide and customize it to your specifications and go into the individual slides and change the captions.
  12. After finishing any changes, select File-Save and save as a PowerPoint file.  Note:  With our testing, a 40 photo Photo Album (saved as a PowerPoint) is approximately 45.9MG! 
  13. Important Step: Once your PowerPoint Photo Album is complete, you will need to save it in PDF format.  Use either your purchased versionof Adobe Acrobat or the new add-on for Office 2007 to convert the file from PowerPoint to PDF.  
  14. After checking to see of your new PDF file is under 5 mg (I suggest that it be under 4.2mg just to be safe!), then you can edit your CMS pages and attach the new PDF file.

Remember to do any editing (like red eye or cropping) before you create the Photo Album.  

I would suggest breaking down your photos into like groupings and titling the Photo Albums to correspond with the contents. 

Questions?  Contact Jeanne Wiebke at jwiebke@iastate.edu