Managing non-CMS Web Content

Web sites not utilizing a content management system are managed through a file share. Using a file share to access content is just like accessing files on your computer's hard drive or an office shared drive. No special software or configuration is required.

Connecting to the File Share

To facilitate access to your web content, you may wish to map a network drive:
  1. Right-click Computer (or My Computer)
  2. Select Map Network Drive
  3. Choose an available drive letter (perhaps W: for web content)
  4. Enter the share path; for example:
    \\\C EXT\Web Sites\
    \\\C EXT\Web Sites\\foldername
    \\\C EXT\Web Sites\
  5. If you work with your web content often check the Reconnect at logon box; this will automatically remap the drive when you log on
  6. Select Finish
  7. Access files through the chosen drive letter

Disconnecting from the File Share

Unless you work with web content quite often you should disconnect the network drive when finished:
  1. Right-click Computer (or My Computer)
  2. Select Disconnect Network Drive
  3. Select the appropriate drive letter
  4. Select OK

Access from non-Extension Computers

The instructions above are intended for Extension computers configured in a standard way. Computers configured differently, Macintosh systems and external partners will need additional assistance. Please contact the Extension IT Support Hotline for help.