Calendar of Events Issues

Question #1:  We've discovered that an event entered had the wrong year attached to it.  The event is appearing with our webpage with the wrong date. How do I get rid of it?

Answer:  You need to make the correction in the Calendar of Events (not the County Web CMS)

  1. Go to the Calendar of Events (not the listing in the CMS)
  2. Search for your county and the correct month of the event (don't worry about the year)
  3. Once the listing is displayed, you will see the URL for the page at the top of your screen. 
    For instance it will look something like this
    Notice that towards the end of the URL it says Month= (this is the month of the year) &Year= (this is the year). 
  4.  Go into the URL and change the year to the correct year and hit enter.  If you've entered the month and county correctly, the listing should appear and then you can go in and correct the error in the Calendar.


Question #2:  I’ve entered items into the Calendar of Events and they are not showing in the CMS system, why?

Answer:   The CMS Events page only shows public events.  If you have listed your event as private it will not show up on the CMS pages.


Question #3:  Why does only the first occurrence of an event shows up on the CMS?

Answer:  Events listed in the calendar as a series are considered a “set” which means you should be attending all the dates listed in the set.  If the event is like a council meeting which each one can be attended individually and you don’t have to attend all of them, then enter the events separately by copying the information for a new date rather than adding a session.