Welcome to Extension Information Technology

Extension Information Technology (EIT) is participating in the university's partial shutdown between Christmas and New Year's.  This includes three university holidays (December 25, 26, and January 1), four and a half regular weekdays (the afternoon of December 24, December 29, 30, 31, and January 2nd), and two weekends (December 27 and 28; January 3 and 4).

We will continue to monitor systems (Web, servers, email), networks, and the EIT hotline for "critical" issues.  If you have a problem which requires immediate attention, please call and leave a message on the Hotline telephone: 515-294-1725.  To report a less critical issue or ask a question, please send email to eithotline@iastate.edu.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday.


Extension Information Technology provides critical IT services and support to Extension staff across Iowa. We also work with educational clients and partners in support of learning, discovery and engagement. Please spend some time exploring our site to discover the services we can offer.

Installation instructions for Office 2013 are now online. You can find them on our Support page or click here. Each county office and department will receive a DVD of Office 2013 Professional (32-Bit). We would encourage you to upgrade your computers to the newest version of the Office. If you encounter any problems, please contact the hotline - (515) 294-1725

Question of the Week

Outlook prompting for password:

On April 21st users started experiencing excessive login/password requests from Outlook. Central IT, who manages the Exchange email servers, is aware of this problem. There is no ETA as to when this issue will be resolved.

Possible solutions to get you by for the time being:

1. Cancel the login request. Sometime this is all that is needed.
2. Enter "IASTATE\netid" in the username box (insert YOUR netid not the word "netid", example IASTATE\smith) and your password in the password box.
3. Enter your full email address in the username (example: smith@iastate.edu) box and your password in the password box.

What should I do when I'm preparing to leave Extension?

Review the "leaving your position" document for a comprehensive list of actions you should take. Additionally we have a frequently asked questions document for staff taking advantage of the retirement incentive option (RIO).

Other Updates: 

Adobe Connect has been updated to version 8. This is a major upgrade and has a number of significant changes to the user interface. A few noted changes include.

  1. Enhanced editing features for Notes
  2. Improved video quality 
  3. New chat capabilities

You can now use your IASTATE credentials to login to Adobe Connect.  You will still use your netid@iastate.edu email address for your username and then the same password you use for accessing email and other IASTATE services.

To highlight some of the changes to the user interface, we have created two short videos.

New computers will be setup with the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system. The latest configurations for laptop and desktop computers are here.

Past Question(s) of the Week