Drupal Tutorials

Luggage is a platform for creating websites, targeted at academic websites for departments and researchers.

The platform is built on Drupal and consists of features that come with configurat...

Want to add a graph to a summary of your research? Or perhaps you want to add a banner to an announcement you've created? This tutorial will show you ev...

Link Checker is an additional feature added to Drupal sites that allows content editors to access a report of "Broken Links" on their site.  You can access this report by clicking on the "Brok...

Category terms and tags are descriptive terms that link similar pages. Are you confused about the differences between the two? This tutorial will teach you the differences between tags and categori...

In this tutorial you will learn how to give a page a custom URL. This will give you more freedom in creating URLs than just sticking with the default naming convention.

Support Hotline

By Phone: 515-294-1725
By Email: eithotline@iastate.edu

The Extension IT Computer Support Hotline is available M-F from 8 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 5 PM to answer your computer questions and troubleshoot problems.  When you call be prepared to provide your name, where you're calling from and a brief description of the problem, including make and model of the computer, software running, specific error messages, and any recent changes you've made to the system.


Recent News

June 23, 2016

Extension IT has been working closely with several other IT groups on campus to develop a new look for the Drupal 7 sites.  There were several things to take into consideration.  

Our Goals: 

June 15, 2016

Today EIT began the migration to the new MyFiles data system for our shared drive paths. The goal of the change was to be as seamless as possible so users could still retain access to their shared drives at the start of work this morning. If there are any issues that you notice, please don’t hesitate to call the hotline at 515-294-1725 for assistance.


NOTE: All machines will need to be rebooted. If you have not done this and are noticing problems, please reboot the machine as a first troubleshooting step.

April 7, 2016

Beginning April 1st all new computers will come installed with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.  They will also be installed with Office 2016 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)  We will NOT be sending out software DVD’s with Windows 10 to the county and campus offices like we have done in the past.  This is due to new laptops not having DVD drives installed.  We are still finalizing how we are going to distribute the software for use on existing computers.  We are leaning towards USB drives or pushing it out over the network. 

April 6, 2016

We will be updating our Adobe Connect server on May 11th through the 13th.  We have notified those who have host accounts on the system but wanted staff to know how we are proceeding with Web Conferencing for ISU Extension and Outreach.   Each county office was provided with an Adobe Connect host account many years ago and each account has a contact person associated with the account, those hosts have been notified in a previous email.   What does this mean for you?

November 17, 2015

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Information Technology offices will be closed on the following dates:

November 26-27, Thanksgiving
December 24-25, Christmas
December 28-31, University's partial shutdown (Staff will be monitoring for server and network issues; details to come)
January 2, New Year's Day
January 18, Martin Luther King Jr. Day