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Media Advisory: Flood-Related Resources


AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University (ISU) Extension is offering a variety of resources to help media and Iowans cope with the current weather situation.

The Disaster Recovery Web site (www.extension.iastate.edu/disasterrecovery ) offers homeowners and farmers a place  to turn to for practical and timely advice on how to deal with flooding and storm damage.

If you need to talk one-on-one with someone about your situation contact the ISU Extension Iowa Concern Hotline(www.extension.iastate.edu/iowaconcern/) by calling (800) 447-1985. You can talk with stress counselors, seek out legal education or ask for a referral  to appropriate resources that may help you in your particular situation.

In addition, ISU Extension crop production experts are monitoring the weather and field conditions and offering a range of resources.

This morning Doug Cooper, ISU Extension market news director, spoke with Palle Pedersen, ISU Extension soybean agronomist, and Roger Elmore, ISU Extension corn specialist,  to get a status report on the condition of crops in Iowa. Windows Media Player is required to play this 22:00 interview.

For specific crop production advice, farmers can check  the Integrated Crop Management News (www.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews) site. ISU Extension specialists are providing timely information on many aspects of information on how to deal with crop production issues connected to the recent storms and heavy rain. Below is a list of stories released over the past several days.

Good Seed Supply Available from Most Companies in Iowa (6/12/08)
Forage and Cover Crop Considerations for Delayed Planting and
Flooded Sites
Emergency Iowa Crop Production Program Offered  (6/11/2008)
Estimating Nitrogen Losses  (6/11/2008)
Disease Management in a Flooding Season (6/11/2008)
Rainfall has Affected Hay and Hay-Crop Silage Harvest (6/10/2008)
Nitrogen Loss- How Does it Happen?  (6/10/2008)
Summer Flooding of Hay Fields and Pastures (6/10/2008)
Economic Impact of Delayed and Prevented Planting (6/10/2008)
Assessing Hail Injury in Corn (6/7/2008)
Heavy Rain, Soil Erosion and Nutrient Losses (6/5/2008)
Soybean Replanting and Fungicide Treatments (6/4/2008)
How Late Can Soybeans be Planted? (6/2/2008)
Effect of Flooding on Emerged Soybeans (6/1/2008)
Soybean Replant Decisions from Hail Damage and Flooded Fields (6/1/2008)
Replanting Corn ­ How Do You Get Rid of the Existing Stand? (6/1/2008)
Replant Options in Corn Fields (6/1/2008)
Flooded Corn and Saturated Soils (5/30/2008)


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