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Adversity can be overcome.  Hear other's stories...

Last year we went to a community meeting that Extension and the Cattlemen were sponsoring.  It was a dinner and my husband and 12 year old daughter went together as a family.  At the gathering, a mental health counselor talked to the group about farming and depression.  She told us signs of depression and how it can lead to suicide.  All of a sudden something clicked as she gave her presentation.  This sounded like my husband.  I knew I had seen all of these signs, but was just ignoring them.  Continued...

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The day had finally come.  The day I had been working for, struggling for, for the past four years.  They had been a hard four years.  I had raised a daughter on my own, worked full time, and I was graduating with honors, May 10th, 1990.  What was even more exciting was I had a great job waiting for me.  I was going to be a Drug Prevention Specialist speaking to communities on adding Drug Prevention to their program and working with children and even a little clowning.  I loved my job, and thought my future was going to be perfect.  Then one day a black cloud started rising ... Continued...



If you have overcome a setback or adversity in your life, please share it with us by clicking on the above email link.  Information will be kept confidential.



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