March 27, 2014. The group will meet from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Hancock County Extension office.  Lee Schulz, ISU livestock economist will be the featured speaker. Lee will discuss livestock markets and risk management tools.  Russ Euken, area livestock specialist will discuss enterprise budgets.  Please RSVP to the Hancock County Extension at 641-923-2856.


Risk management in livestock production 90 min Lee Schulz ISU Extension Livestock Economist

  • What are sources of risk and what can we do to manage them- 30 min
    • Production risk
    • Price risk
    • Other risks
  • What are specific tools that can be used to manage price risk and how have they worked in the past- 45 min
    • Futures and options
    • Livestock Risk Protection and Gross Margin insurance products
    • Managing the margin

Costs and returns and budgeting for livestock production- 90 min

  • Historically what are returns for livestock operations (pork, beef, dairy) and what is the near and long term outlook
    • ISU estimated costs and returns and other sources
    • Profitability comparison of livestock enterprises and other ag enterprises
    • Outlook potential
  • Making projections/budget for a livestock operation
    • Intro budgeting tools
    • Hands on budgeting exercise

Wrap up

June 26, 2013. Iowa State University Extension and several partners initiated a young livestock producer group in North Central Iowa. A kick-off event was held Wednesday, June 26, at 6 p.m. at the Hancock County Extension office in Garner, 327 West 8th Street. Read the news release. See the event flyer.


Core Counties




Russ Euken, livestock program specialist, 641-923-2856




Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, Iowa Pork Producers Association, Iowa State Dairy Association, Western Iowa Dairy Alliance, NE IA Community Dairy Foundation, and Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.