Wetlands Resources

USGS website: Midwestern Wetland Flora
This site provides a detailed species list and identification key for 300 Midwestern wetland plants.

Science Daily website

Read the science news article "Midwest Wetlands Almost Gone But Still May Have Most Species." 


Iowa Wetlands publication (PDF)

Iowa State University Extension publication about Iowa wetlands covering the basics of wetlands, plants and animals that rely on wetlands for their habitat, wetland ecology, the interaction of people and wetlands, and the importance of wetland protection.


Managing Iowa Habitats: Restoring Iowa Wetlands

Iowa State University Extension publication about managing and restoring Iowa wetlands. The 8-page publication discusses the importance of wetland creation and restoration. It provides general guidelines for site selection, wetland design and evaluation. The article also highlights possible problems and potential solutions for wetlands.


Iowa Wetlands Reserve Program (NRCS)

This web site offers information about the USDA-Wetlands Reserve Program including current statistics and application criteria.


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