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Volume 9  Issue 2: Spring/Summer 2013
--ILF newsletter is the last of its kind
--ILF has new familiar faces
--Social Media: Blog and Facebook
--Educating the next generation: Water Rocks! campaign launching this fall
--Important long-term cover crop research project continues
--ILF webinars

Volume 9  Issue 1: Winter 2013
--ILF, PFI work together promoting cover crops
--Educating the next generation: New Conservation Station delivers art and science
--ILF team members receive Women of Innovation awards
--Webinars for 2013
--New ILF partners

Volume 8 Issue 3: Fall 2012
--ILF farmer partners receive Iowa Farmer Environmental Leader awards
--Doing the math: ILF year in review 
--ILF team member Staudt earns high honors at ISU ceremony
--ILF offers new strip-till video
--Watershed-based Community Assessment toolkit available
--Attend the Practical Farmers of Iowa annual conference
--Partner Profile: Eric and Cindy Boehm

Volume 8 Issue 2: Spring 2012
-- New project explore reconstructed wetlands' nitrogen removal
-- 'Out to the Lakes' earns Iowa motion picture awards|
-- Educating the Next Generation:
        -Conservation Station visits Iowa's capitol
        -New website launched
        -Prairies, Wetlands & Croplands
-- ILF evaluations reveal farmers' land management changes
-- Partner profile: Rosemary Partridge

Volume 8 Issue 1: Winter 2012
-- Cover Crops may improve yields
-- Leopold Center strengthens ILF partnership
-- Outreach to 4th graders through Prairies, Wetlands, Croplands
-- New ILF team member: Nathan Stevenson
-- Conservation Station goal: 99 counties
-- Partner profie: Mark Pokorny

Volume 7 Issue 3: Fall 2011
-- New video 'Out to the Lakes' available
-- Newly published book offers insight into water quality perceptions
-- Value of soil erosion to the landowner
-- Conservation Station 2011 tour
-- Partner profile: Carl Kurtz

Volume 7 Issue 2: Spring 2011
-- Losing Ground... ILF works to save it
-- Lil' Conservation Station
-- ILF faces of summer
-- ILF webinars
-- New ILF staff
-- Partner profile: Thad and Denise Bridges
-- Field Day insert

Volume 7 Issue 1: Winter 2011
-- New Materials Aid in Outreach, Education
-- Rainfall in Iowa: Anderson Presents at February Webinar
-- Water Quality and the Citizen Effect
-- ILF Webinars
-- ILF Winter Activities
-- Partner profile: Fred Abels

Volume 6 Issue 4: Fall 2010
-- Cover Crops are Taking Off
-- SWCD Listening Sessions: Is there a water quality problem in Iowa?
-- ILF to Host Webinars
-- More How-to Videos in Production
-- Conservation Partnership Day
-- Partner profile: Gary and Dave Nelson

Volume 6 Issue 3: Summer 2010
-- ILF is Making Connections
-- Farmland Ownership and Conservation
-- ILF Field Day Highlights
-- A Significant 'S'
-- New ILF Staff

Volume 6 Issue 2: Spring 2010
-- Iowa Learning Farm Launches the Conservation Station
-- Morton Named Interim Director of the Leopold Center, Iowa Learning Farm
-- 'Troubled Waters' Now Available
-- ILF Summer 2010 Field Days
-- Cooperator Profile: Mark Licht

Volume 6 Issue 1: Winter 2010
-- The Tools We Need to Grow Forum
-- Conservation Station Coming Soon!
-- How-to DVD Offers Tips for No-till Planting
-- Nelson Honored at National No-till Conference
-- Performance-based Environmental Management Team Recognized
-- News and Notes
-- Producer Profile: Tom Vaske

Volume 5 Issue 4: Fall 2009
-- Residue Matters Campaign Kicks Off
-- Perennial Prairies and Row Crops Can Work Well Together
-- ILF Field Day Wrap-up
-- ILF Meets with National Hypoxia Task Force
-- Video Outcomes
-- Producer Profile: Joel and Linda Zwiefel

Volume 5 Issue 3: Summer 2009
-- New Publications Created to Educate
-- Conservation Loan Programs Improve Land and Water Quality
-- ILF Field Days Drawing Crowds
-- Taking I-FARM to the Farm
-- Project AWARE
-- Producer Profile: Collin Jensen

Volume 5 Issue 2: Spring 2009
-- Video Project Making an Impact
-- Iowa Has Lower-quality Topsoil Than 50 Years Ago
-- No-till is the Better Choice for Soybeans After Corn
-- News and Notes
-- Producer Profile: Doug Campbell

Volume 5 Issue 1: Winter 2009
-- New Iowa Watershed Project Launched
-- A Look Back at 2008
-- Juchems Speaker at Flood Conference
-- New Staff
-- Winter Events
-- Producer Profile: Nate Ronsiek

Volume 4 Issue 4: Fall 2008
-- Iowa Learning Farm Premieres New Videos
-- Long-term Study Mixes Perennials, Annuals
-- New Bioeconomy Project Underway
-- Stout Recieves Extension Award
-- Farm Progress Show
-- Producer Profile: Paul Hunter

Volume 4 Issue 3: Summer 2008
-- 'Not Your Father's Tillage' to be Featured at Farm Progress Show
-- Summer 2008 Field Days
-- Heavy Rain and Soil Erosion
-- ILF Videos
-- New Look to Web Site
-- Producer Profile: Rob Stout

Volume 4 Issue 2: Spring 2008
-- Rainfall Simulator on the Road Again
-- Operation Strip-till Gets Rolling
-- New Research Help
-- ILF Leadership
-- Producer Profile: Max Schmidt

Volume 4 Issue 1: Winter 2008
-- Introducing ILF Conservationists
-- Moving to Conservation Tillage
-- ILF Cooperators Honored at CDI
-- ILF Winter Activities
-- Producer Profile: Randy Caviness

Volume 3 Issue 3: Fall 2007
-- One Busy Summer
-- Biomass Harvest and Transportation
-- Building a Culture of Conservation
-- Thinking About Cover Crops?
-- Producer Profile: Mike Deahr

Volume 3 Issue 2: Spring 2007
-- See the Power of Rain
-- Iowa Learning Farm New Staff
-- Iowa Learning Farm Economics Update
-- Leopold Center Celebrates 20 Years
-- ILF Winter Activities
-- Producer Profile: Bruce Manthe

Volume 3 Issue 1: Winter 2007
-- Iowa Learning Farm Moves to the Leopold Center
-- Conservation Systems: Challenges and Benefits
-- Soil Loss Levels of 'T' Versus Soil Quality
-- Producer Profile: Barbara Johnson

Volume 2 Issue 2: Fall 2006
-- Land Use Changes for Improved Water Quality
-- Energy Savings with the Use of Conservation Systems
-- Can My Equipment Handle No-Tillage?
-- Producer Profile: Robert Pridie

Volume 2 Issue 1: Spring 2006
-- Conservation Influence on Soil Quality
-- A Look at Tillage Practices in Iowa: What's in a Label?
-- Iowa's Water Resources
-- Producer Profile: John and Ron Kielkopf

Volume 1 Issue 3: Winter 2006
-- Cover Crop Selection and Management for Midwest Farming Systems
-- Buffers and Grassed Waterways
-- How is the Iowa Learning Farm Different?
-- Producer Profile: Jerry Crew

Volume 1 Issue 2: Fall 2005
-- Long Term Vision of the Iowa Learning Farm
-- What Lies Ahead for the CRP?
-- Soil Conditioning Index
-- Tillage Could Jeopardize Chances with CSP
-- Conservation Note: Harvest Traffic Patterns
-- Producer Profile: Lynn Gronborg

Volume 1 Issue 1: Spring 2005
-- Iowa Learning Farm--A New Model for Conservation Systems
-- On-farm Demonstration and Soil Quality Validation
-- Economic Assessment
-- Evaluation of Conservation Systems
-- Extension Education to Promote Conservation Management
-- Producer Profile: Rick Juchems

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