ILF Opinion Articles

As Iowa Learning Farms looks to celebrate its 10-year Anniversary, a series of opinion articles are being sent to newspapers across Iowa. These op-ed articles support the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and Iowa Learning Farms goal of adopting conservation practices on the land.
The op-ed articles are linked here for you to read.  We encourage you to send them to your local newspaper, on Iowa Learning Farms behalf. Your personal connection with your local media makes the messages stronger! 
Media: you may publish these as well!
September 2013: 'Voluntary' shouldn't mean optional
October 2013: Consider Wetlands
November 2013: Cover crops are a conservation bargain
December 2013: Creating a multifunctional landscape with buffers
January 2014: We're all in this together
March 2014: Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy: A Farmer's Perspective
by ILF farmer partner Tim Smith

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