Barry Kusel

ILF farmer partner Barry Kusel farms in southwestern Carroll County and started using no-till in the early 1980s. He used fall strip-tillage in the early 1990s on corn acres. Kusel began no-tilling to reduce the erosion of their highly erodible loess soils as well as a reduction in their costs. The Kusels now use no-till on all of their acres and are experimenting with cover crops for further reduction of erosion.

Building a Culture of Conservation:
"We hope that our land will continue to be sustainable with the possibility of improvements to soil and water quality," says Barry. "Our no-till system use is not about us but rather we emphasize the systems that protect some of the most productive and valuable soils in the world for now and the future."

"If we continue to erode soil faster than nature can produce it, our legacy will be a sad one!"



Barry planting 30 years ago and planting last spring.

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