Raising Healthy Kids

Raising Healthy Kids is a series of publications designed to help parents, communities, and childcare providers address important health and nutrition questions.


The prevalence of overweight among American youth has become an epidemic. The number of overweight children (ages 6-11) has almost quadrupled in the past four decades and for adolescents (12-19) has tripled. In only 12 years the prevalence of overweight among children increased 5 percent depending on the age group. For African-American and Mexican-American adolescents there has been an increase of 10 percent in this short time period.

Raising Healthy Kids is a publication series designed to help parents, communities, and childcare providers address these topics...

Overweight kids: What communities can do 
Here's help for communities to build partnerships among schools, families, community groups, and individuals to promote healthy living.

Guide to healthy kids: What parents can do
Banning the clean plate club is just one suggestion you’ll find in this guide to healthy eating habits for families.

Healthy hearts: How to monitor fat and cholesterol
The health habits children learn can reduce their risk for heart disease later in life.

Snacks for healthy kids 
Are your kids eating a lot of 'junk' after school? This revised publication lists yummy but healthy foods that your kids will love. It even includes recipes for snacks they can make themselves. Also includes the new MyPyramid for kids.

Pyramids of health
Includes the new MyPyramid for Kids plus an activity pyramid.

Say 'yes' to family meals
Enjoying a simple meal together strengthens family bonds and creates a routine that helps children feel more secure.

Steps to a healthier family
Adults and children need the same types of foods; the only differences are the portion sizes and number of servings.

Food for ME TOO: Nutrition for the toddler and preschooler
Get off to a good start with food habits for your child. This publication teaches you common eating patterns, gives tips for surviving the toddler rollercoaster, and provides a sample menu for children.


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