Worksite Wellness

Investing in employee wellness is good business! Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offers three worksite wellness programs. Contact your local Nutrition and Wellness Specialist for more information.

Program 1 - Eating Well Moving More

A wellness program that helps employees make lifestyle changes in five areas that influence hypertension: weight, physical activity, diet, sodium intake, and alcohol use.

Investing in employee wellness is good business. It can result in lower insurance premiums, lower turnover, increased productivity, and increased job satisfaction. ISU Extension and Outreach offers Eating Well - Moving More for a healthier blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and weight.

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans age 25 or older has high blood pressure. One-third of the people with high blood pressure don't know they have it.

Eating Well - Moving More is a wellness program that helps employees make lifestyle changes in five areas that influence hypertension: weight, physical activity, diet, sodium intake, and alcohol use.

The program offers:

  • on-site session(s) with ISU Extension and Outreach Nutrition and Wellness Specialist,
  • on-site blood pressure and weight screening with individual risk assessments before and after the series, and
  • eight self-study newsletters for employees containing lifestyle behavior assessments and goal setting materials. Download a sample newsletter.

Program 2 - Create Your Own Wellness Series

Design your own series of face-to-face programs to jump start your employees to better health. Select a minimum of three topics from the following:

  • Healthy Meals in a Hurry
    Learn how to prepare main dishes ahead of time that can be frozen for ready-to-use convenience. Tips to modify recipes to reduce sodium and fat as well as guidelines to prepare the recipes for freezer will be covered. Optional publication available for $2.50.
  • Spend Smart. Eat Smart.
    Want to get more nutrition for less? This session will share proven strategies for saving money on food while still eating healthy. Includes recipes, shopping tips, info on eating out and menu planning.
  • Let’s Get Moving!
    Do I have to be ’fit’ to get the most benefit from physical activity? With exercise, some is always better than none! Learn how to incorporate physical activity without going to the gym. Identify strategies to make physical activity part of your daily living. Optional pedometers ($6) and stretch bands ($2) available.
  • Healthy Living for a Healthy Heart
    Heart disease remains the number one killer, learn how to decrease your risk. Did you know there are fats your heart actually likes? Learn how to make food choices to incorporate healthier fats. Sodium is not your heart’s friend. Dispel some common myths associated with sodium and salt.
  • Portion Distortion
    What has happened to serving and portion sizes? Learn the recommended size of servings from MyPlate. Strategies to ‘guesstimate’ and guide appropriate serving sizes will be addressed.
  • Eat Better Today, Feel Better for Life!
    Discover your own personalized healthy eating and physical activity plan during this session. Your plan can be a guide for everyday healthy eating or a guide for weight loss. Make choices today to feel better tomorrow!
  • Healthier Food Choices, Aisle by Aisle
    Learn how to read food labels aisle by aisle. Tips for controlling calories, fat, saturated/trans fat and sodium will be addressed. The ‘virtual’ grocery store tour will help you make healthy shopping choices for you and your family.
  • Dining Out
    Is it possible to dine out and still eat healthy? Learn simple tips for healthy eating when dining out. Learn strategies to make food choices when considering the nutrient content (i.e. fat, sodium, sugar) of food and beverages from different restaurants.

Program 3 - Nutrition Environment Measures Survey (NEMS)

Does your company/community/organization support healthy living? The food, or nutrition environment, is widely believed to contribute to the increasing epidemic of childhood and adult obesity in the United States. The Nutrition Environment Measurement Survey (NEMS) is a proven set of tools that can be used to evaluate how a community influences personal nutrition behaviors. What will your NEMS report card reveal? What modifications can you make to create a more health-promoting nutrition environment?

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