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Words on Wellness (WOW) promotes a healthy lifestyle. Get reliable, research-based information about nutrition, exercise, and food safety.

Check out WOW to explore the power of incorporating healthy practices into daily living for you and your family.

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Newsletter Archive

April 2015 - Reconsidering the Egg > Make-ahead Breakfast Burritos > Are You Cooking Food Safely > The Garden: Mother Nature's Gym

March 2015 - The Paleo Diet - A look at a popular earing plan > Chicken Alfredo Pasta > Keeping it clean - To wash your hands or to use hand sanitizer? > What's Hot - Bikram Yoga

February 2015 - Will Activated Charcoal Activate your Health? > Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry > Making the Cut > Top Fitness Trend for 2015 - Getting Back to the Basics

January 2015 -  New Labeling Requirements for Menus and Vending Machines > Beef and Bean Chile Verde > What's For Dinner? > Increase Your Physical Activity Level with Tai Chi

December 2014 -  Prebiotics-Probiotics-What is the Difference? > Quick Turkey Rice Soup > Make Sense of the Dates > Activity Trackers-Are They for You?

November 2014 - Recycling Food Waste? Waste Not, Want Not? > Tzatziki with Pita Chips > What's in Your Kitchen? > The Safety of CrossFit

October 2014 - Healthier Snacks Sold in Schools > No Knead Whole Wheat Bread > What's in Your Lunch Box? > A 10-Minute Run Does Your Heart Good

September 2014 - Cleanse Diets: How to Protect Yourself from Fad Diets > Chicken Fajitas > Get Moving at Work > Ice Cold Facts

August 2014 - Nothing Says Summer Like Peaches > Grilled Peaches > Investigate the Outdoors This Summer > Pet Food and Food Safety

July 2014 - Water is Key to Life > Infused Water > Buying and Selling Local Foods > Cool Off While Working Out!

June 2014 - Milk Myths Busted! > Fruit Kabobs & Yogurt Dip > Food Safety in Stormy Weather > Iowa Games - A great way to get moving this summer

May 2014 - GREEN - It's the Color of the Season! > Salad in a Bag >  Springtime Learning = Summer Safety > Be Active, No Matter Your Age!

April 2014 - Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Explained > Scrmabled Egg Muffins > Spring: An Egg-citing Time of Year! > Get Motivated to Move

March 2014 - MARCH into Spring > Quick Pad Thai > Safe Home Food Preservation > The Kitchen Workout

February 2014 - The Diet That Is All Fluff > Raspberry Mango Spinach Smoothie > Dating 101 > HIIT Is a HIT!

January 2014 - Unravel the Meat Case Confusion > Food Safety Mythbusters > Tuscan Pork Loin > Beat the Winter Blues

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