Retirement: Secure Your Future

Considering Early Retirement Options
Several factors should be considered when making a decision about whether to accept an early retirement offer. Understanding those options will allow you to make the best decision possible.

Begin By Planning Today
When you consider your ideal retirement, cost is a factor. By planning today, you can design your future. Get the basics of financial planning, including the value of starting early, contributing often, and finding investments that are right for you

Picture Your Future

Nine questions to ask yourself as you get ready for retirement.

When Life Changes
Help to rethink your retirement plans when things change - for example, health, changing housing needs, divorce, remarriage, death of a spouse, or needs of adult children.

Retirement Income: How Much Do You Need?
A five step retirement income planner worksheet to take the mystery out of what you'll need.

Estimating Your Retirement Expenses
Detailed help from an expense worksheet that considers early, mid, and late retirement needs.

Money Math
Use these tables to figure out how your money will grow and compounds and how costs will increase.

Where Will Money for Your Nest Egg Come From?
Creating a written spending plan and living below your means are discussed to help you consider the choices you have for retirement income.

Growing Your Nest Egg: Risk and Return
You have the most control over your savings and investments -- understand the risks and returns.

Retirement Investment Options
Learn about several tax-advantaged retirement plans -- their tax benefits and possible employer match.

Special Considerations for the Self-employed
Find out how your retirement will be affected by your business, whether you transfer ownership, sell, or lease. Family-owned businesses have unique issues.

Update Your Home for a Lifetime of Living
Find out if your home is ready for your retirement: easy-visiting, easy-living, and easy on the budget.

Decisions at the Time of Retirement
Get help considering when to retire, where to live, what income will be available, what to do about health insurance, and estate planning.

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