Training Calendar

Don't miss this opportunity to get together with other Iowa directors! Join us to discuss the challenges and rewards of staff orientation and supervision. NSO training/curriculum is only available for child care directors and administrators that have child care sites in the State of Iowa

ISU Extension and Outreach offers director's trainings statewide each year in two different formats: 


  • Each workshop is six hours and is generally offered during the day.
  • There is no charge for the training and lunch is provided.


  • Course is delivered over a four week time period. At the beginning of each week, a new module will open that must be completed during that week.
  • Participants are expected to interact with the instructor and other course participants in the discussion forums at least two times per week. The discussion forums are "asynchronous", meaning that you do not have to be available on a particular day/time to participate. Instead, you will need to log into the course several times throughout the week as your schedule allows to check on and add to the class discussion taking place.
  • Expect to spend approximately one and a half hours per week on the course in order to complete assignments.
  • Participants must complete a final quiz at the end of the course.
  • There is no charge for the course.

Upon completion of the face-to-face or online training, participants will receive a free New Staff Orientation DVD and workbook master to use with staff.

How do I sign up for the NSO Director’s Class?

Sign up at Iowa Child Care Provider Training Registry

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