Loving Your Family-IA

Loving Your Family - IowaLoving Your Family-Iowa (LYF-IA) is designed to deliver nutrition education to low-income families with children under age 10 in Iowa counties where Extension and Outreach does not have a nutrition education program.

Using a “Train the Trainer” format, Extension and Outreach staff train and support staff from other agencies who already have an established relationship with young families (HOPES, PAT, etc.). LYF-Iowa is funded by Food Assistance Nutrition Education.

As a result of participating in Loving Your Family lessons, participants will:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products every day
  • Be physically active every day as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Balance calorie intake with calories expended
What participants have said about the Loving Your Family - IA program ...
  • “I realize more the importance of letting my kids help with meals and getting more involved with what they eat.”
  • “I try to incorporate more whole grains into meals and snacks and way less sugar.”
  • “I am more aware of planning and making meals with all the food groups.”
  • “I think about making a colorful plate for my kids and myself. Also don’t put too much food on our plates so we don’t overeat.”
  • “I check labels to pick healthier foods and serve more fruits with meals.”
  • “I am more aware of making sure I have fruits and veggies at meals.”
  • “Now I feel better about what I feed my child.”
  • “I liked learning how to cook more foods.I’m glad she was there to help me learn to cook better.”

Download a copy of the Loving Your Family-Iowa Program Impacts for more information.


Delivered in three 45-minute sessions, lessons focus on:

  • Family Meals
  • How Much Food and Physical Activity
  • Vegetables and Fruits

Seven 15-minute mini-sessions include:

  • Reading Labels
  • Grains
  • Calcium-Rich Foods
  • Snacks
  • Fast Food
  • Food Safety
  • Healthy Pregnancy (optional)

If you are interested in more information about Loving Your Family-IA contact Justine Hoover, LYF-IA Program Coordinator.

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