Wellness and Independence through Nutrition (WIN)

The goal of the Wellness and Independence through Nutrition Program (WIN), formerly known as the Food Assistance Outreach Project, is to reduce hunger in underserved mid-life and older Iowans, age 50 years and older, who are eligible for but not yet enrolled in the food assistance program.  

How we're involved

ISU Extension and Outreach program specialists recruit and train WIN program outreach volunteers to reach out to various populations to:

  • Provide information about nutrition, food security and health
  • Deliver in-person presentations focused on:
    • My Plate Bingo - an interactive nutrition program and game that provides tips on how to use food assistance to eat healthy
    • Seasoning Savvy - informational program about using food assistance to purchase herbs and spices, and use them in place of salt to lower sodium intake and benefit health

Interested in volunteering?

WIN program outreach volunteers are trained to conduct presentations (in-person discussions, displays, and videos) at locales serving adults age 50+ (e.g. senior centers, senior apartments, churches, congregate mealsites, senior health fairs) and collect program data.

To serve as a WIN Program Outreach Volunteer in one of the participating counties, contact the program specialist closest to you:

Program Objectives                   

  1. Increase food assistance enrollment and usage among mid-life and older Iowans ages 50 years and older with limited resources currently eligible for, but not enrolled for receiving food assistance.
  2. Increase awareness of budget-friendly nutrition practices for mid-life and older adults ages 50 years and older targeting nutrients of concern based on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  3. Increase number of peer educators advocating the benefits of food assistance programs to target audience.


Funded by USDA’s SNAP Program, an equal opportunity provider and employer through the Iowa Department of Human Services and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Services.

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