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Upcoming Trainings

To register for any of the following trainings, go to the Iowa Child Care Provider Training Registry. Click on Search Trainings. Select ‘Iowa State University Extension’ as the training organization. Then search by city and type 'Online' as the city.

Apr. 22  
8:00-9:30 PM
Instructors: Malisa Rader & Lori Hayungs
Target Audience: All
Delivery: Live online
Learn how an outdoor classroom along with a nurturing adult can address childhood issues like obesity and diabetes while developing valuable learning skills across all domains. Discover the ten guiding principles of a Nature Explore® outdoor learning space and how to support your outside space in becoming Nature Explore® certified.


May 18
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Instructors:  Nancy Clark & Holly VanHeel
Target Audience:  All
Delivery:  Live Online
Description:  Recognizing the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction can make a difference for the child, whether it can be treated or worse.  Can you administer an epinephrine pen?  Can you identify when an epi-pen should be used?    We will identify common food allergens and potential sources of food allergens for the children you care for.  Explore ways to identify allergens in foods, the need to prevent food allergy reactions in the childcare setting and how to manage food allergies.  The top eight food allergens will be identified and enhanced with building label reading skills. CACFP approved class.

May 27 
1:00-2:30 PM
Instructors: Malisa Rader & Lori Hayungs
Target Audience: Directors, Administrators
Delivery: Live online
Adding chopsticks and kimonos to the dramatic play area and making tortillas are the easy parts of honoring and respecting diversity. This workshop will focus on how to support your staff in honoring  diversity in their work with children and families while following the fundamental anti-bias concept of “We are all the same; we are all different.” Take a step forward in your own journey to being an effective anti-bias administrator by reflecting on diverse views related to children, childrearing, education and development. NAC approved class.

June 2  
7:00P-9:00 PM
Instructors:  Sandra McKinnon and Phyllis Zalenski
Delivery: Live Online
Advertising captures children's attention. Take a close look at what advertising doesn't want you to know. Learn the effects of marketing on children.

July 16  
6:30-8:30 PM
Instructor: Barb Fuller & Rachel Wall
Target Audience: All
Delivery: Live online
Good nutrition does not have to be expensive. Child care providers will learn strategies to save on their food expenses while incorporating new ideas into menu planning and food shopping. CACFP approved class.

Sept. 16, 23, 30  
1:00-2:30 PM
Instructors: Malisa Rader, Kristi Cooper, Joy Rouse, Mackenzie Johnson, Sandra McKinnon, Cindy Thompson
Target Audience: Directors, Administrators
Delivery: Live online
Research increasingly shows that the first few years of life are extremely important in shaping a child's future health and development. Since children spend significant periods of time in child care facilities, limiting exposures to environmental health threats in these settings is essential. Child care administrators can get their team on board to make small changes that make a big impact on the children in their care. Eco-Healthy Child Care® helps early childhood learning environments to be as healthy, safe, and green as possible by reducing exposure to toxins. NAC approved class.


Computer Requirements

To participate in the online training, you must have the following:

  1. A computer - Windows or Macintosh
  2. An active Internet connection - High speed (at least 512 kbps download speed) is recommended for optimal experience
  3. Speakers
  4. Flash player - a free download from the Adobe website
  5. Adobe Reader - a free download from the Adobe website
  6. Printer (optional - you may want to print handouts and materials)
Check your computer

Visit our online training connection page to test your computer’s ability to participate. If the diagnostic test finds that important software is missing from your computer, you will be automatically provided with a link to download the required software.

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