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Make A Difference Across Iowa - 2012

The Make a Difference Across Iowa conference, held the first Saturday of December, offered newly-elected and current Extension Council members the opportunity to network with peers around the state. The one-day conference also offered an introduction to Iowa State University Extension and Outreach guiding principles and philosophy; explanations of county council member roles and responsibilities related to fiscal, programming and personnel management; and information about laws and resources that support Extension Council work. The conference was hosted at twelve sites across Iowa and was attended by nearly 200 Extension Council members.


Welcome to ISU Extension and Outreach – our guiding principles and purpose, Cathann Kress, Vice President for Extension and Outreach. (20 minuntes)


Memorandum of Understanding – Terry Maloy, Executive Director, Iowa Association of County Extension Councils (IACEC), discusses the memorandum of understanding process. (11 minutes)


Being a Council Member – what you bring to the council; council duties and responsibilities, Diann Anderson, IACEC President, Page County council member; and Jim Ed Beach, IACEC President-elect, Madison County council member. (10 minutes)


Council Members Questions and Answer Session - Quick Q&A with paraticipants and presenters. (7 minutes)


Fiscal Management – Andy Nielsen, Deputy Auditor of State, and Emily Ladewig, accountant with County Services, discuss accounts, budgets, use of funds, transparency, and legal requirements. (53 minutes)


Human Resources – staff management and supervision; working with regional directors, Don Broshar, Director, ISU Extension and Outreach Human Resources. (28 minutes)


Program planning – introduction to program planning process and online program catalog, with discussion, John Lawrence, Director, Extension to Ag and Natural Resources, and Nancy Franz, Director, Extension to Families. (78 minutes)