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Resources for County Offices

Federal Wage Hour Law Resources

Hiring Process for County Paid Staff

Payroll Forms

County Employees Worker's Compensation

Web Links for Employees

  • Links for Employees  (This document is an excel spreadsheet with clickable links to helpful ISU Extension pages for County staff members.  Links are sortable by location, department, topic and audience.  If you have a link that you would like us to add to this resource, please email Bonnie Dalager with your request.) 

Performance Evaluations for County Paid Staff

Required Government Posters (Federal & State)

There are required federal and state posters that must be displayed in all county offices.  These posters are all FREE of charge, and a county office should never have to pay for these posters.  Below is a listing of the Federal and State requirements with links to free downloadable pdf files to print the posters to display.