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Chapter Three: Terminations

3.1  Resignation

An employee who wants to terminate employment shall give a written notice directly to the Council or designee. An employee who wants to terminate employment is expected to give as much advance notice as possible. The council officially accepts the resignation at the next council meeting.

3.2  Dismissal

The council can dismiss an employee for:

a) Substandard Performance - An employee may be discharged if his or her performance is unacceptable. Documentation, to be prepared by the supervisor, shall include reason for separation, performance history, corrective efforts taken, alternatives explored, and any additional pertinent information and shall be placed in the employee's personnel file.

b) Misconduct - An employee found to be engaged in activities such as, but not limited to, theft of district property, insubordination, conflict of interest, or any other activities showing willful disregard of district interests or policies, is terminated as soon as the council determines the action to be taken.

3.3  Layoff

If the council decides a reduction in force is necessary or if one or more positions are eliminated, employees are identified for layoff after evaluating the following factors: district's work requirements, abilities, experience, and skills.

3.4  Last Paycheck

The employee's final check shall include all earned pay and any expenses due the employee.

Terminating employees are entitled to receive all earned pay, including vacation pay, but excluding sick pay.

Appeal Procedures for Employees:

The appeal must be in writing and submitted to the Council or designee within a seven-day period. The Council will place the appeal on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled council meeting. The council makes the final decision.