Five Admirals



Cresco is very proud of its veterans. It is a community which has provided more than its share of men and women who have served our country in the Armed Services.

On May 30, 1994, the 50th Anniverary of World War II, Cresco was designated a World War II Commemorative Community by the Department of Defense. A special ceremony was conducted by the VFW and the American Legion Club in recognition of this honor. During the ceremony the VFW received a Commemorative Community Certificate of Designation, the distinctive World War II Commemoration Flag, and the official United States of American 50th Anniversary of WW II Commemoration Lapel Pin.

Cresco is proud of the brave men and women who sacrificed so much for our country so that we might live in peace today. A monument to our veterans has been erected in Courthouse Square.

Cresco's Five Admirals:

Vice Admiral - FRANK J. LOWRY - Cick here for Picture of Lowry

Frank J. Lowry graduated from the Naval Academy in 1911. He was part of the Atlantic patrol during World War I and was in command of the Cruiser Minneapolis in 1940. Admiral Lowry also commanded the invasions of Salerno and Anzio (Italy). After World War I had ended Admiral Lowry commanded Mare Island Naval Base in Vallejo, California. Admiral Lowry died in 1955.

Rear Admiral - MICHAEL J. MALANAPHY - Click here for picture of Malanaphy

Michael J. Malanophy was born in Cresco, Iowa where he graduated from Cresco High School in 1917. He later graduated from the Naval Academy in 1922. During World War II Admiral Malanophy was Flotilla Commander of LCI's in Taiwan, Guam, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. After many years of service he retired and returned to Cresco where he died in 1989.

Rear Admiral - ARTHUR T. MOEN  -Click here for picture of Moen Born  in 1894. He graduated from Cresco High School in 1912 and from the Naval Academy in 1917. During World War II he commanded over 300 ships and landed vessels in North Africa and Asia. He was responsible for transporting over 300,000 men without the loss of a ship.

Rear Admiral - WALLIS F. PETERSEN - Click  here Capt. Wallis F. Petersen

Wallis Petersen graduated from Cresco High School in 1918 and was a 1924 graduate of the Naval Academy. During the span of his naval career, Admiral Petersen held executive offices aboard the USS Elliott. He was Commander of the USS Mustin when it rescued 337 survivors from the Hornet carrier.  For his actions related to the USS Mustin, he earned the Navy Cross.  He was also awarded a Bronze Star and the Legion of Merit.  His career extended beyond war time taking him to Norfolk, Virginia where he commanded the 5th Naval District. Admiral Petersen resided in Bethesda, Maryland where he died June 23, 1991. 

Rear Admiral - GEORGE E. PECKHAM - Click here for picture of Peckham

George E. Peckham was born in Cresco, Iowa. He graduated from Cresco High School in 1926 and from the Naval Academy in 1931. Admiral Peckham played a major role in the battle of the Komandorski Islands and also served in European-African and Phillipine Liberation Theatres. Admiral Peckham died September 14, 1998.

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