Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest Celebrated

Staff with the Mobile Experience.

The Norman Borlaug Harvest was celebrated in Cresco, Iowa on September 14 and 15.   The ISU Howard County Extension Service along with sponsors from Howard County Experimental Farm, Howard County Business & Tourism and C US Bank of Cresco, Lime Springs, Ridgeway, Osage, and Charles City were pleased to provide the public with an educational experinece.

The mobile experience came from Monsanto out of St. Louis, Missouri, and focused on the important job a farmer has in feeding the world.  By the year 2050 there will be 9 billion people to feed.  The Crestwood 4th graders along with 10th graders were able to tour the mobile experience and learn about how farming has grown and will continue to grow to provide food for the world.  Part of the education presented focused on  Dr. Norman Borlaug, who led an important role in feeding the world. 

The mobile experience was also available to the general public and many people took the opportunity to visit.



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