eXtension Just in Time Parenting online resource for parents!

“Just in Time Parenting” is a national Extension website that brings quality, research-based information to families at the time it can be most useful and make the biggest difference in their lives.

  • Age-paced newsletters that can be downloaded and printed
  • facts sheets
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Access to experts across the country
  • Upcoming local Extension programs

How can Just in Time Parenting make such a big difference?

  • it pulls together the core information you need to help your children and family thrive.
  • it connects you to resources and information – when you or your children need help.
  • it can be read by all the adults in your family, and can help dispel child-rearing myths and misinformation.
  • it is easy to get and a convenient way to learn how you can help your child grow up healthy and ready for success.

If you are a professional who works with parents

Help spread the word and use these resources with your parents! To find out more, go to http://www.extension.org/mediawiki/files/1/10/JITPOct25_07.pdf

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