2016 TOP 10 4-H FLL Coaches Resources

 Top 10 Most Valuable Resources
For 4-H FLL Coaches and Teams
(Download as an MSWord or .pdf Document)
1. Techbrick FLL Resources for the 2015 Trash Trek Challenge

2. Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Introduction to Programming LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

3.  New LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Resources Page for FLL 
4. fll@iastate.edu   This is the email for asking any questions about FLL or preparing for Iowa Regional Events
5. FLL Robot Game Update/Clarification Forum
6. FLL Forums
7. FIRST LEGO League YouTube Channel   (search YouTube for FLL and 2015 Trash Trek Challenge)
8. US First FLL Coaches Team  Resources
9. Region 17 4-H FLL Coaches Resources:  4-H Robotics Team Building Webpage
10. Region 17 4-H FLL Team Resources:     What to know before you go to a Regional or State FLL Event                        




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