Southwest Iowa 5th & 6th Grade 4-H Junior Camp

Camper Evaluations
     We have 10 years of data on assessment of the camp experience by the camper. Campers share consistently that they: 

1. Are more interested in learning and trying new things

2.  Are more likely to value the contributions of others

3.  Learn to contribute as a member of a team

4. Are more confident in meeting new friends

5. Are more connected to the outdoors

2008 Camper Evaluation Instrument

 2008 Camper Evaluation Summary

 2007 Camper Evaluation Summary

 2006 Camper Evaluation Summary

Camper Parents Evaluations

 We have five years of data from Parents and what their camper shared with them about the experience.

This data also connects the parents with the camping experience. The most important things that their campers shared with them :  (most frequent responses)

·  Made great friends, met lots of new friends

· Tried some new things he wasn’t sure he would like

· Learned how to be a better leader

·  Liked the counselors & all staff making him feel welcome

· Gained more independence

2008 Campaer Parent Evaluation Instrument (MsWord)

 2008 Camper Parent Evaluation Summary (.pdf)

2007 Camper Parent Evaluation Summary (.pdf)

Camp Leadership Team (Youth Counselors Ages 16+) Evaluation

2008 Camp Leadership Team Evaluation Summary

2007 Camp Leadership Team Evaluation Instrument

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